Ana was born in Paris and traveled extensively from the age of 15.
She exchanged her dreams with friends from all over the world,
and developed a strong sensitivity for architecture, light, colors, and especially for human beings.

Due to this infatuation, she logically studied anthropology at 18 years,
continued her passion and curiosity with studies in the School of Fine Arts of Paris.
Fascinated by beauty but also by feminine identity, she enters then the world of fashion,
becoming a buyer for a group of shops.

In the past 15 years, she developed a real expertise of what enhances silhouettes and personal style,
by dressing up women of all horizons, drew designs of her own and imagines ideal collections.

Ana already imagines what will be her Fashion House : a library of forms, rare materials,
precious items and colors where each woman can find the outfit that will express her perfectly.
By approaching this multifaceted woman, we immediately understand that,
she is one of those designers who go far beyond the simple clothes.

Ana sublimates women designs for more than 10 years,
and is referenced in the Haute Couture’s Off Calendar since 4 seasons.
Her specialty is to make iridescent, to transform, to play with colors and light through the forms that she creates,
to tell stories of accessories and clothes, worked as extracts of journey diaries, or narratives of feminine adventures. 
The color become a beauty cream, and the clothes tells the story of the one wearing it.

Then, she creates her own atelier in Paris, and from then on, each garment is custom-made.
To her, it’s a pleasure because it is the moment when a woman releases, dares, shows herself.  
That’s exactly what Ana expects from her job : to give body to dreams in the reality,
to transform them into tools of happiness, into talismans for exceptional moments and for everyday life.